Your client can view and accept a live list of available rooms using the form in the link below. The rooms are removed from this list when a licence has been agreed upon.

1. Make A Referral for your client

2. Client Selects below, Views and Accepts a room

3. Call the team on 020 8127 6220 to complete the process

4. Meet at the property and collect your key

Note: Studio Flats are ONLY available for existing client

All clients referred must have an ID, proof of NINO and the most recent UC payment breakdown. For those claiming a legacy benefit such as JSA, ESA2 months bank statements are also required.

You can make a Referral by following the link below.

Make a Referral Link

View All Vacancies Link


Some Rooms have Special Criteria and are reserved such as Disability

Disability – People must have one of the following to qualify for some rooms

Note: Only Rooms that have a link that can be viewed are available for occupation