Referrers Comments

In July  2016 we asked all our referrers for there comments on our service.  We then reviewed our Referrals Process and made some dramatic changes with regard to information flow to our referrals and contact with clients who are in the referral process.  We also adapted our online forms so that the referral agency could be given regular updates to our clients progress.

Now our referral agencies are fully involved from  the moment they refer a client to us until they move on into independent accommodation. They also have the opportunity to feedback to us each time they make a referral.

As of 20 December 2016 we have had 98 comments with only one referral agent reporting to us that they were unsatisfied with the service.

Below are some of our recent comments to our service.

‘The service is a life saver and extremely relevant for young people seeking to be housed.’  – Salvation Army

‘very pleased with the new email system, sending copies of CCR’s. This helps us to be aware of any difficulties our referred clients are facing, and an opportunity to step in and assist when necessary. Thank you’  – 999 Trust Club

‘…amazingly communicative and the feedback from the people I have referred has been overwhelmingly positive’ – Waltham Forest Housing Options

‘The application is straight to the point, easy to complete. the referral responded with utmost urgency.’ – Home Group Stonham-Bass

‘Very professional’ –Tower Hamlets in partnership with Tower Hamlets Probation Services

‘Easy form to complete quick access to website’ – Thames Reach

‘I found this process very user friendly and straight forward to complete.’ – Only Connect


‘… is very informative; they call you back regarding a client and if not when you call, they provide you with enough information, so your up to date with everything.’

Tracy Hamilton –  Tower Hamlets Council – Jun 16

‘…in my opinion there are no improvements needed.   I’ve referred many clients and I will definitely refer more.’     

 Gary Bird – Thames Reach –  Jun 16

‘Our charity has been referring young men and we are finally achieving positive outcomes for many disadvantaged young people.’

‘For some of our clients, relocating is life changing and saving.  A resource like your organisation is crucial in rehabilitation for many.’

‘From all of our Team, we would like to say thank you…. and at a time like this when you are going through difficulty holding on to positive thoughts and feedback is far more important than journalists causing distress’    

 Homeless Support Worker – Jun 16