Our Staff

Our trustees and volunteers are a very important part of Aves Housing.  They set policy and strategy and are ultimately responsible for well-being our the charity and its beneficiary’s.  We do not have a full board at present and would welcome CVs from any prospective members of the board.
To keep our projects adequately staffed we work in partnerships and have working relationships with GLETS London Ltd  however our objectives could not be met without the help of our volunteers.

We pride ourselves on our diverse and committed team. We are committed to providing appropriate training for each volunteer, enabling them to develop professionally and gain job satisfaction from their role. Find more information about working with us by contacting us.

With the aim of preventing homelessness, our volunteers give up their time and provide invaluable services for our clients. Volunteering is often the first step to a career with homeless people.


Directors Trustees

They ensure good governance in delivering our Objects, “To promote social inclusion for the Public Benefit by preventing homelessness, social exclusion, relieving the needs of those who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society by the provision of social housing to those in housing need, with suitable care, support or supervision. “


Miss Naz Nahar An expert in finance Miss Nahar  has a specific interest in homelessness in the Asian community. Miss Nahar overseas Good Governance, monitors and promotes equality and diversity within the organisation, follows and implements health and safety policies and procedures and ensures that individuals have access to all available services and activities.


Along with Pat, Roy heads our client involvement team. They organise the quarterly Client Involment Commitie.  Both Roy and Pat offer direct incite in how the outcomes are being delivered to all our clients. Roy follows and reports health and safety issues and is involved in the development of those policies. He promotes equality and inclusion…


Pat monitors, follows and reports all health and safety procedures, promotes equality and inclusion, treating all clients as a unique individual whist treating them fairly and respecting their diversity.  Pat also follows and reports all health and safety procedures.

Rubayat Anis

Rubayat Anis is our youngest trustee. Rubayat promotes social inclusion by identifying barriers to participation, and provides practical ways to remove those barriers by placing individuals who need support at the centre of the planning and support process.

Client Liaison Committee Members

The Client Liaison Committee is an elected body made up of our client base. They meets four times a year ensuring that LHT deliver on client involvement and empowerment.

Senior Mangement

These ensure that the CQC, QAF and HCA outcomes are being delivered to a suitable standard

Service Delivery Manager

Vacant As our Service Delivery Manager, is a vacant position. the SD manger will be instrumental in developing our Quality Assessment Framework (QAF), developing links with a range of external agencies including BITC, Manna Society and FareShare. The SD manager will also improve our move on strategy linking with Broadway to move on our CHAIN clients and…

Team Leaders

They senior staff have a wide range of experience with supporting clients and have specialist knowledge in complex needs

Tenancy Support Staff

These guys offer front line support and are always available to direct and signpost as well as deliver QAF goals such as support planning, health and safety, Safeguarding, fair access and client involvement.


Aisha supports our clients in Croydon and has several years experience in assisting young offenders. Aisha also has a 100% success rate at ESA medical tribunals.


Office Support

Our Office Support staff maintain our policies and procedures and ensure that we are achieving the desired outcomes of the HCA, CQC and SITRA.  


These people from the community and from within our client base are the unsung heroes of London Housing Trust.  They enable to deliver our service on a very high effectiveness and value for money standard.