Regulator Review 2016

The Regulator of Social Housing completed a review our of our organisation in 2016

The Regulator of Social Housing  reviewed our organisation in December 2016 and found that we complied with both the Economic Standards and Consumer Standards.

In conclusion the regulator:

“has concluded that the organisation has provided sufficient additional assurances in relation to those matters which were of concern and remains compliant with both economic and consumer standards.”


Link to the Full Review by the Homes and Community agency 2016


Lessons learnt and improvements made since 2016: We have implemented the following changes.

Tenant involvement and empowerment. Strengthening the role of the Tenant Panel.  The Tenant Panel is formed from client past and present.  They meet every month and discuss client issues and how we can improve the service.  They are involved in both the complaints procedure and also have a say if a client enters the eviction procedure.  They can assist clients with appealing and eviction and ensure that the processes are followed and it is fair.  They are a vital part of the process of ensuring fair access to the service. A representative of the TP attends the weekly staff meetings to report any issues and so an open process of communication is preserved.

Health and Safety.  Our support teams visit our properties at least once a month and in some cases, we have staff on site from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.  On these visits, inspections are made and repairs reported immediately.

We have adopted the Right to Repair Act 1994 and aim to complete repairs within these timescales. Clients can report issues to our maintenance team directly from our Website.

Utility Bills.  Clients understand from day one that they are responsible for the Gas, Electric and Water bills. We work with clients in the projects to develop the best solution for them in paying for these services.  So there is no confusion we explain that this is part of their rent obligation and that we receive no payment from the council for these services and remain the responsibility of the client.

Wellbeing Team. As part of the Tenant Panel, the Wellbeing Team call our clients monthly to ask them of their thoughts on the service and help to resolve any tenancy issues that are brought to their attention.

Provision of Food to Clients.  We continue to purchase food from Fareshare and distribute to our most vulnerable clients.  The distribution is monitored by Tenant Panel

Referral Feedback: Referrals NPS 60%.  We now offer our Referral Agencies a chance to comment on the service we offer. From 1120 responses we have 601 (53%) were very satisfied and 57 (5%) were either unsure, unsatisfied or very unsatisfied.

These are some of the comments our referrals made over the past year.


“Great Service.”

Salvation Army – Jun 2019

“I got quick response from the team each time I make a referral”

–  Home Group Stonham-Bass – Jun 2019

“This organisation are recommended for the support and housing they provide. Many thanks from a grateful referrer! ”

Greenwich Council – Jun 2019

“Great service!”  

Bench Outreach  – Jun 2019

“The client and I the support worker from St Albans citizens advice bureau are pleased with the assessment and we appreciate that you have taken time to do this assessment. Thanks”

Wandsworth Council –  May 2019


“The London housing Trust has been so helpful in helping young misplaced people from the community and i will highly recommend the service to those who are in need”

Eleventh Hour Solutions – April 2019


“Always find and named contacts (Philip at Greenwich) helpful and feel that this is a useful shared housing scheme for people with low support needs”

– Greenwich Council  – Jun 2018

“I find the application process to be fast and efficient” – Camden Council Housing Options – Jun 2018

“The service was quite thorough and covers areas that *name redacted* will benefit immensely” – Eleventh Hour Solutions – Jun 2018  

“Spoke to Philip at Greenwich branch and was very helpful as usual” – Greenwich Council  – Jun 2018

“Very easy form to complete” – Connections at St Martins – Jun 2018

“All the service user were happy with the support they received from your service.” – Home Group Stonham-Bass – May 2018

“Very helpful and speedy in contacting the clients” – Camden Council – May 2018

“The service you provide continues to be extremely valued within our service” – Salvation Army – May 2018

(the referrals feedback was not functioning between November 2017 and April 2018)

“Excellent service.” – Look Ahead – Oct 2017

“Staff are quick to respond to phone calls” SLAM – Oct 2017

“The process is hassle-free and very efficient.” – Tower Hamlets Council – Aug 2017

“I have referred to 4/5 times now. Referral time is straightforward and response time has always been very impressive” – Housing advice worker, on secondment at Bethlem Royal hospital – Aug 1017

“I have recently had the opportunity to meet the team and felt the service was a good one” – Minerva – Aug 2017

Other comments


‘The service is a lifesaver and extremely relevant for young people seeking to be housed.’  – Salvation Army

‘very pleased with the new email system, sending copies of CCR’s. This helps us to be aware of any difficulties our referred clients are facing, and an opportunity to step in and assist when necessary. Thank you’  – 999 Trust Club

‘…amazingly communicative and the feedback from the people I have referred has been overwhelmingly positive’ – Waltham Forest Housing Options

‘The application is straight to the point, easy to complete. the referral responded with utmost urgency.’ – Home Group Stonham-Bass

‘Very professional’ –Tower Hamlets in partnership with Tower Hamlets Probation Services