Client Stories & Comments

The Tenant Panel is made up of elected individuals that would like to increase their involvement in the Trust.  They are like Union Representatives and always have the clients best interests first. They are integral to our organisation and to find out if there are any outstanding issues they frequently engage our Clients to get their views on the service.

– Recent Client Comments


“I  have had excellent excellent support from my support worker,  Phillip & the organisation as a whole. I am enjoying my volunteer work with GLETS London & I am now vice-chair of the Client Involvement committee & the tenant panel. I volunteer with GLETS London and I have set up the Veterans programme. This provides specialist supported housing for ex-servicemen and women.

For some time I was unsure about what I wanted to do by with the help of the Compliance Officer, Steve I  made a step by step plan and completed my Level 3 in Carpentry.  I obtained a business startup loan from the local credit Union and have secured a lease a the Chelsea Barack’s.  I’m now looking for a local room. After I leave I will stay on a the Chair of the Tenant Panel.  I would highly recommend Aves Housing”    

Liam B –  3 Oct 19

“I appreciate how supportive Savannah has been in helping me to be able to reduce the amount of things in my room, and in doing so, encouraging my well-being.  When we report, they get do get done promptly.  I asked Savannah if she could provide me with a letter for the Job centre,  after she had offered to support me with any problems regarding JCP.  the letter was provided the same day.”

Anne- 2 Oct 2019


“As a support worker Savannah has been very good.  I am happy with the comfort of the dwelling. Savannah has given me a lot of help with my benefits.”

Angela 2 Oct 2019


“We feel very grateful to Aves Housing in providing a comfortable home, although we understand it is meant to be short term, and that it is providing a roof over our heads and for Savannah in providing us with such good support.”

– Angela & Anne 2 Oct 2019


“I  am very happy with the support I have received. When I need you, you are there. I want to become a chef, so I want to go to college, or even just do some evening courses, like maybe computers.”  

– Yeves Buluku – 20 Jul 2018


” I’m happy with Anita’s support. she listens when I have a problem, I’m enjoying volunteering and Recognised Tenant  Panel. I’m happy for my comments to be put up on the website.”

– Pat Songhurst – 17 Jul 18

“In general, the service and support are good. Our support worker Daniel Onas, is always willing to listen and come up with a solution to our issues.”

– Anonymous – 17 Jul 18

I am pleased with my room & the support given to me… Everything I have asked for has been done and if I have a problem, I can contact my support worker. I have been volunteering with GLETS London doing painting & decorating.” 

– Dave McKenna – 17 Jul 18

“I am pleased to say the support I’ve been given is very good. I had a call from Ben only this morning a couple of hours ago. Any problems that come up are dealt with quickly. I can call staff at any time.” 

– John Rice –  17 Jul 18

“I am very happy with the support given to me by Phillip, my support worker. Although I am settled where I am, one of my plans is to get my own place. Phillip has supported me when I have had issues and I can call him about anything if I need to.” 

– Luke Bridle – 16 Jul 18

“I  am very pleased with the accommodation & the support I have received from support workers. I have been supported with my HB, other benefits and applying for a discounted bus pass while I apply for a freedom pass. My plans are to get my own accommodation & to get back to work.”

Compton Carew – 16 Jul 18

“I am pleased with the support I have been given by support staff. I am currently looking for work & I have been on some training courses organised by the DWP. My plans are to get full-time work & to eventually get my own place. I am ably supported in this by my support worker.” 

– Peter Oakey – 16 Jul 18

 “I like the support I received from my support worker. He is a very good man. Always there when needed. He is always willing to attend my appointments with me and has been there throughout my appointments. He is very understanding and a good support worker.” 

– Dean Jeffs – 13 Jul 18

“I am very grateful for the support given to me by the support workers (among them Anita Faloye and Paul Kiely) and the GLETS maintenance team (for whom I’m I’m a volunteer) Over the past few months, I have had health problems and the support I have received is very good. I enjoy my work with GLETS . My most immediate plans are to improve my health.” 

– Martin Griffin – 13 Jul 18

 I  am very grateful for the help and support given to me.  Getting this place is an excellent opportunity to get myself together, get my health back on track. My support worker has been very helpful in getting my benefits sorted out, registering with a GP etc. I see Phillip at least once a fortnight and if I need him for something, I can call him. My eventual plans are to get my own place and get back into work, both of which I will be supported by Phillip and the other Support Staff.”

 –  Kevin Perry – 13 Jul 18