Make a Referral

Aves Housing currently accepts referrals for Adults with support needs between the age of 25- 65 years.  We ONLY accept referrals from homeless organisations or government agencies such as housing departments. You can make a referral by completing the online form below. 

We Do Not Accept Referrals for clients with Mobility or Care Needs.

At the interview your client will be asked to provide:

    1. Proof of identity


    1. National Insurance number


  1. Proof of Income

Please also ensure that your client is eligible for UK benefits and that your client can provide proof that a claim has been made or has been awarded.

Our Current Referral Rates


Online Referral Form

Complete the form below and you will be updated automatically by email when we have completed at each stage of the interview Process.

Other ways to refer to our project –

You can also call our main office and request a paper based form if you are part of HMPS and do not have access to external internet.  There is an administration cost of £50  associated with this process.