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Activity Schedule

Activity Schedule 2018
16 Aug19 BBQ
17 Aug19 BBQ
26 Aug19 BBQ
6 Sep19 BBQ
22 Sep19 Crazy Golf
7 Oct19 Ice Skating Streatham
22 Nov19 Ice Skating Greenwich

Gardening Competition 2018

Xmas Dinner for All Clients 8 December

for details of all events including the Xmas Dinner

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Are you being unfairly evicted?  Is your support worker not meeting your needs?   Or Does your hostel have an outstanding Repair?

Contact your Tenant Panel and we will investigate for you.

We are authorised by the Board of Trustees to get you the service you expect

Call Your TP Chair, Enroy on 07564 614 545

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TP report directly to the Board of Directors and make sure every descision LHT make has your involvement. 

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