SITRA QAF Inspection Report January 2016

London Housing Trust (LHT) commissioned Sitra to work with them on their practice, policies and procedures, to enable them to understand the principles of the Supporting People Quality Assessment Framework, and to deliver to and demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the QAF.

Sitra has strong credentials to conduct an independent review for organisations and has supported both providers, prospective providers and commissioners in conducting independent reviews to validate the quality of services and to help providers to raise the quality of their service.

Overall Score and findings
Taking the five QAF Core Objectives together, LHT demonstrated evidence to Mike Ballard which is commensurate with achievement as follows:

Assessment & support planning: B
Security, health and safety: B
Safeguarding and prevention from abuse: C.
Fair access, diversity and inclusion: C
Client involvement and empowerment: B

Conclusion by SITRA
LHT has undertaken a great deal of work in a relatively short space of time. In some areas this has already achieved good results; they are clearly on a journey of improvement. LHT has undertaken further training on safeguarding and protection from abuse. It is noted that a number of policies on their website have been or are in the process of being updated to ensure sound document control. We also advise them to add to their website a summary of the findings of their client survey and improvement actions taken in response to this survey.
We wish LHT well in embedding good practice and in continuously striving to attain at the highest levels.

Full Report Can be accessed HERE